And, at last, our very special Holiday Hiatus has come to an end. We took a couple of weeks off, but now that we’ve begun Chapter 3 you can rest assured that we will keep to our relentless two-updates-a-week schedule.

Here are those jellyfish I mentioned earlier. Now they are luminous.


Jellyfish luminous


Chapter 1 started out with Leeta’s backstory, and Chapter 2 with Mr. Amazing’s, so of course Chapter 3 begins with Zarko’s backstory. As recently as nine months ago, it turns out, he wasn’t a shadowy ghost-guy at all. What happened to him? We may have gotten some clues back on page 43, which only featured the first appearance of jellyfish–see, it’s all connected.

Keep reading, and the SECRET ORIGIN of ZARKO will be revealed in the next few pages.