Don’t worry, friends, our Holiday Hiatus is almost over! Sam Albert is drawing the opening pages of Chapter 3 even now, and we will resume our regular updating schedule this coming Friday (January 8th.) Then, once again, we’ll post a new page every Tuesday and Friday.

The new page that’s coming up on Friday should be visually delightful. SPOILER WARNING: The first panel features jellyfish.

In other news, I have decided that, in 2016, I am going to read all 50 years’ worth of Charles Schulz’s classic comic strip Peanuts. The 24th and final volume of The Complete Peanuts is going to be published this May. I’ve been buying The Complete Peanuts books since May 2004 and, uh, so far I have only read one of them in its entirety. But I have a handsome vertical bookshelf to hold them:


Peanuts Tower


I’ll keep you updated on my progress.