It’s Wednesday, which means there’s no new Electric Team page, but don’t worry, art lovers, there’s an update over at the Seeing Calvino tumblr.

Seeing Calvino is an art project that Matt Kish, Joe Kuth, and I started back in April 2014. The goal is, according to the About page, “to ‘see,’ through the creation of illustrations responding to and exploring the ideas in the texts, the work of writer Italo Calvino.”

We me our original goal to create illustrations for each of the cities described in Calvino’s Invisible Cities in April 2015. (If you haven’t read Invisible Cities, it’s a great book, I highly recommend it.) We took a break, and had an art exhibit, and got some glowing reviews. My favorite review is the one from AEQAI, in which I learned something about my art: “unlike the other two artists Connor seems more intent on locating Calvio’s narrative in mid-flux, creating an intimate tableau.”

Anyway, that’s all old news. Two weeks ago, Joe Kuth and I set out to create one illustration for each story in Calvino’s Cosmicomics. Joe kicked off Seeing Calvino Two Point Oh with a gorgeous illustration of one of my all-time favorite short stories, “The Distance of the Moon,” that looked like this:


Moon reduced


That’s a small version; go take a better look at it here.

The day this went up, I kinda hated Joe for making his so beautiful. But I was committed, and had to soldier on and create a drawing for the second story in the book, “At Daybreak.”

I came up with this:


At Daybreak small


The bigger version is here.

I tried some new things with this one. I . . . don’t know if I caught this narrative in mid-flux or not. Probably not? I don’t know about you but I like the word balloon, because I’m a philistine with a background in comics instead of fine art.

On a lovelier note, today’s the debut of “A Sign in Space,” by Joe Kuth. I’m not going to spoil it . . . you need to go to the site and see it for yourself.

Check in on Seeing Calvino next Wednesday and you’ll see my illustration of “All at One Point.” At this time, I have no idea what it will look like.