OH MAN! Things sure do look bad for our heroes on page 56! Not only are they chained up in a dungeon, but Jax and Brianna are really old, and Leeta and Mr. Amazing are kids again.

I’ve really been looking forward to this heroes-as-kids story. Electric Team artist Sam Albert is young and “with-it,” but I am an embarrassingly old comics fan, and one of the things I’m a fan of is the Legion of Super-Heroes. Back in the Silver Age–what those of you who are not comics fans would call “the 1960s”– the Legion comics were beautiful, bizarre, space-age fairy tales that did not always make a lot of sense, narratively speaking, but were full of energy and a sense of wonder. I have a lot to say about the Legion of Super-Heroes, but today I’ll just point out that, on several occasions, the heroes were turned into babies.

For instance, here:


And here:


Aren’t they adorable? And now we are following in this beautiful comics tradition, with Li’l Leeta and Junior Amazing all set to forge ahead into the deadly labyrinth of Major Ager. Keep reading! It will be EPIC!