I haven’t written many blog posts lately because, man, I can’t even explain how busy I’ve been with work lately. But even though I am caught up in the business of public education, Samantha Albert continues to turn out new and beautiful pages.

Page 30 is up, and I am thrilled to show off the work of Electric Team co-creator Abigail Connor. So far Abby has worked on the writing end of things, but now she’s contributed to the artwork, with her dynamic rendition of Mr. Amazing.  She did the lettering, too.

Amazing by Abby cropped
Not many words on this page, but fortunately we’ve returned to our twice-a-week update schedule, so this and the previous page should balance out.

Page 30 also marks the end of our four page look into Mr. Amazing’s childhood; on Tuesday we return to the present, and see what the Electric Team is up to.  What are they up to? Action! Adventure! And walking. Lots of walking.