Page 27 shimmers with the golden haze of nostalgia, thanks to Sam Albert’s electrical color palette.

The first chapter of our story was conceived and plotted well over a year ago, when Abby was too young to help plan things out in detail. Now that she is older and wiser and almost seven, however, she has taken a more active role in planning.

A few weeks ago Abby and I sat down to plot Chapter 2. Abby was not content just to talk things over; she took it on herself to draw a panel-by-panel breakdown of the first page, shown here:




As you can see, I stuck closely to Abby’s plan when I typed up the script for Sam. We still begin with an establishing shot of the mountains, and then show the house, and then a boy carrying two buckets of water home . . . I did cut the panel where Mom sends him out to get the water, but don’t worry, she’ll show up on the next page. Despite the changes, I think the essence of the scene is preserved.

There’s plenty more to come, gentle reader, so be sure to tune in on Thursday!