So, here we are; Electric Team page 9 has made the transition out of the prologue and into the present day of our story.

From the beginning I’ve known that I wanted young Leeta staring directly at the reader at the bottom of the page, and then older Leeta in the same position at the top of the next page. And I wanted her to look intense.

In the script for page 8, I referred Sam to a panel from Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s Batman Year One:

Bruce Wayne eyes

See? He’s an intense young man. I also referred to a panel from Dark Knight Returns later in the script, but don’t get the idea that I’m obsessed with Batman. I swear I’m not.

Anyway, Sam brought the transition to life thusly:


Page 8 bottom


And it makes me very happy.

The other exciting thing about page 9 is that it’s the first appearance of the rest of our cast. You’ll find out their names and a little bit about each of them next week.