Today, July 7, is the day that page 6 goes up, which is something I’m extremely excited about. I mentioned before that most of the concepts for The Electric Team were created by Abby, my six-year-old daughter. For the first few pages, that mainly meant just place names. But now, on page six, you begin to see Abby’s vision truly come to life.

By which I mean there are unicorns. Not as any sort of joke or reference or ironic statement, but because Abby genuinely loves unicorns.



At first, when Abby came up with this idea–the girl raised by unicorns–I resisted it. Couldn’t she be raised by, like, robots, or mutants, or something? Abby soon won me over, though, and it was thinking about this scene that made the whole story come to life for me. You’ll see the unicorns again on Thursday, when page 7 goes up.

(But there will still be robots and mutants later, don’t worry.)