As of our latest installment, page 8, the context of the comic should be much clearer. It turns out that the professor from the first few pages is probably not the main character after all. Instead, everything you’ve read so far is prologue. Now we know how Leeta came to be raised by the unicorns, and what it was like for her growing up (she never won any races), and what her personality is (pretty intense).

Page_8A teaser image
If you wanted to, you could call the first 8 pages The Secret Origin of Leeta. But, with page 8, the prologue draws to a close.

Since the comic is called The Electric Team, you may have wondered, “Who IS the Electric Team?” Tune in on Thursday to find out. Also, Sam did her usual excellent work, and page 9 contains my favorite panel so far. Wait’ll ya see it! It’ll knock yer socks off!